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MindWorks Richmond

The Art of Mindfulness Training


"I whole-heartedly recommend Erik Passig as a first-rate mindfulness teacher who has a rare depth of experience, practice and understanding. His eight-week mindfulness courses provide an excellent preparation for the '.b' Mindfulness in Schools Project Teacher Training."

Chris Cullen, Co-founder of the Mindfulness in Schools Project

Oxford University Mindfulness Centre

"Brilliant" Educational Psychologist after eight week professional group training Ealing

"When I look back to the first lesson, so simple and yet so profound, I can hardly believe the distance I have come on this transformative journey. Erik has guided and nurtured me with kindness, deep knowledge and humour on every step. A daily practice is now the bedrock of my experience of life...calmer, more accepting, more centred in the moment. I cannot recommend the course and Erik highly enough...just do and then be!" Lindsey, Author

"Erik has a thorough and well-grounded understanding of the principles and practice of meditation. He is a compassionate and thoughtful teacher, always prepared to make time to help clarify points of confusion, while maintaining a sense of humour and unswerving commitment to his work." Ilana Pearlman, Acupuncturist   

"Erik has a mature ethical attitude. I like this proactive approach. I’d be happy to refer any patient to him and look forward to what has become a mutual learning process."

Dr. Dale Mathers, BSc, MB, BS, MRCPsych,

Supervisor and Professional Member, the Association of Jungian Analysts

"I found Erik’s approach to teaching the mindfulness class very warm, friendly and evenly paced. He skilfully guides sessions drawing on his extensive knowledge of the theory of mindfulness from traditional and psychological models, able to answer questions from us in a way which is accessible rather than just text book answers in technical language. He conveys his internal experience of mindfulness in an authentic manner, leaving one with the impression that with effort on the part of the students, mindfulness is an achievable." Graham, Course participant 

"Staff tend to gravitate to Peter when experiencing stress and anxiety. He has a calming response to problems which are shared with him and his Mindfulness workshops were a great success." workshop participant

"My growth is ongoing but I wanted to thank you for opening a bigger chest of wealth for me to utilise." Sophie, Level 1 participant

"Excellent clear and funny" Angela Birch, Academic

"I have attended workshops on Relaxation and also Mindfulness run by Peter Wooler at work. I found them to be very helpful in helping me to be aware of stress and tension and their effect on my body. The exercises we were given were easy to learn and I have been able to use them in almost any situation.

In addition Peter gave me some guidance and advice when I was undergoing

surgery for breast cancer. He taught me to relax, use self hypnosis and

visualisation. I found his teaching methods to be very effective and the

techniques I learned aided me to cope with both surgery and

radiotherapy. I am also convinced that they improved my recovery."

Sarah Cox, School Teacher

"I attended two workshops run by Peter where we were taught Mindfulness. The exercises were easy to learn and I found his teaching methods very effective, giving us tools to take away and work with on our own."

Joanna Miller Head of School