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MindWorks Richmond

The Art of Mindfulness Training

Courses for Organisations

We offer Mindfulness Training and tailor made programmes for schools, health organisations and corporate clients. 

We can run an 8 week Mindfulness programme in-house for staff to help reduce stress and improve focus, communication and creativity. We also offer a range of bespoke seminars on themes such as those outlined below.

Please contact Erik Passig or Jude Cummins to discuss what might be most suitable for you. 

1 Mindfulness Introduction

' The key to being present 

Workforces and individuals who are initially motivated and cooperative can sometimes lose their enthusiasm and sense of direction. This can arise through stress and conflict, and can signal the beginning of work-related burn out. This seminar provides tools for effective stress reduction and also enables staff to access genuine wellbeing and the ability to perform optimally through the power of awareness. We introduce the concept of Mindfulness and the key principles that are involved. These include teaching the mind to be still, relaxed and naturally focused, primarily through breath awareness. This results in better mind and body connection and the ability to access clearer intelligence. Mindfulness training has a proven record of enhancing mental performance and improving physical health.

2 Mindfulness at Work

'Know what you are doing now'

What prevents us from being in the present moment? Typically it is through distractions, boredom, or even anxiety. We all tend to indulge in thoughts that are not relevant to the situation at hand and this dramatically decreases our performance ability. The answer is to come back to where we are. In other words, to be able to pay focused attention when it is needed. We teach the use of ‘Mindfulness Triggers’, allowing us to realize quickly when we are lost in distraction or daydream. This facilitates the ability to be absorbed in a task without a ‘critical commentator’, enabling us to develop a sense of ‘flow’ and continuity in the work that we do. This seminar introduces mindfulness in ‘The Four Postures’ - Sitting, Walking, Standing and Lying Down, with particular emphasis on the first three. These methods, combined with a healthy attitude to ourselves, are the ground for a fresh outlook that puts a new wind in our sails.

3 Focus with Perspective

'Key into cutting edge awareness'

This seminar develops the skills of mindfulness learned in the previous seminars. It investigates what are known as ‘The Four Foundations of Mindfulness’, namely awareness of body, feelings, thoughts and lastly all else that is present in our current experience with a wide open awareness. In other words, we learn to apply the sense of calm and stillness that we have learned, to a broader sense of our environment and others. We develop the skill to be aware of the world around us in a way that is not grasping or, on the other hand, vague or ill defined. We learn to allow the mind to be “ not too tight and not too loose”. By discovering this ability we can be more effective, helpful, and empathic in our everyday interactions.

4 Intuition Training

'Open the door to the now'

To be truly effective in the world, sometimes we need to ‘think out of the box’. We need to be able to use our inner resources, and let our unconscious mind work for us. By drawing on Jungian psychology this seminar explores the power of archetypes and the unconscious, showing how to pay more attention to these in everyday life. We each have a unique vision and set of qualities that we can become more conscious of. A clear vision is as important for the health of a company as it is for each individual. This seminar is about crystallizing that vision. We also introduce the topic of intuition; learning to identify, utilize and trust our natural intuitive processes. Intuition and ‘gut feeling’ are extremely important in our working lives as we make vital decisions and interact with others on a daily basis. Just as our unique vision gives us direction, our intuition can help us to ensure, on a moment to moment basis, that this direction is the right one.