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MindWorks Richmond

The Art of Mindfulness Training

Eight week Mindfulness Course 2015: Curriculum

During our 8 week Mindfulness course you will learn how mindfulness enhances and deepens your capacity to relax. You will also see how it can help to strengthen your clarity and effectiveness at work with better concentration and calmness. By being more present you can discover spaciousness in your life to help cope with everyday challenges.

We will work with the following themes:

  • Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful attention
  • The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Loving Kindness
  • Investigative meditation
  • Western and Buddhist psychology
  • Panoramic awareness

Scientific presentations curriculum

Each week we introduce the science and facts behind Mindfulness covering the following issues:

1. Introduction: What is Mindfulness; Shaping of the memory surface

2. Scientific verification: Being in the present moment; Homeostasis and Adaptive Capacity

3. Human potential: Neuroplasticity; Inner resources and experiential understanding

4. Perception and neuroscience: Habit and spontaneity; Reactions changing to response capacity

5. Creativity: Familiar becomes unfamiliar; Receptivity and expansion of awareness

6. Physical Integration: Physiological awareness; Value of attention to inner state

7. Emotional Integration: Developing awareness and strength; Emotional Stability

8. Integration into everyday life: Challenges and benefits; Enhancing social and practical aspects